About us


Located in taizhou, the hometown of moulds in China - "the coast of the east China sea", yimeike was established in 2010, specializing in manufacturing series of instant beverage equipment.

We are entering an exciting era of intelligence, commerce, industry, the whole society is in rapid evolution, yimeike closely follow the pace of The Times, constantly explore ready-to-drink equipment, endless innovation, constantly learn advanced technology, so that China's manufacturing to go global.

With the major domestic beverage manufacturers, operators to establish a good reputation!

The future will pursue intelligence, things, experience. Customized combination machine, carbonated, beer, tea, freshly ground all-in-one machine

We know that the company will advance only if the quality is excellent. To ensure the quality of the premise is: first into the yimeike every employee seriously work, never let go of every detail. Pay more attention to the upstream accessories brand, strict control and tracking quality.

To establish an efficient service mechanism, word of mouth, customer satisfaction, has been the pursuit of yimeike people.

Yimeike constantly change thinking; Improve the production process and process; Maximize the benefit of the factory, and strive to bring good experience and value to customers!

We are grateful to every partner of yimeike! Customer success is our success! Can't leave you, can't leave you now, can't leave you in the future!